A toast to your health and happiness dear reader.  I enjoy helping others and hope my insights can help elevate your “life condition” and your elevation will help elevate those around you!

 I am interested in identifying and encouraging (and personally living within) structures that make it easier to be at peace, and living ecologically, happily, and healthfully.

Some Social Structures:

* peace & wellness-oriented “intentional communities”  (see www.ic.org) — especially eco-villages

…some other intentional communities not listed in the IC directory are:

* neighbor nets (a term coined by Steve Habib Rose) …which is basically meeting neighbors with similar passions that live proximal to you–  one can basically reach out and connect with neighbors to build a network of peace & wellness nearby friends.

*co-housing & housing co-ops and house share situations

*and of course…last but not least:  friends and family! near and far.

Are we spending most of our time with real, tangible people vs. internet/phone conversations?

Are we making time to spend with those people who  those people whom we love and value?

How can we honor,  nourish & strengthen (cultivate) our prescious friends, associates and relatives!

Some Physical Structures

Many design aspects of “co-housing,”  “landscape architecture,” “green architecture,” “permaculture,” healthy, simple, peaceful internal home environments, and Spanish architecture with the sun-city, pedestrian-friendly central plazas offer useful guidance towards physical structures that can further the peace and wellness of a small population of people.  Other physical structures include daily or weekly routines that include sun exposure and physical exertion and laughter

Have we woven in gardens, fountains & flowers with the fabric of our lives and daily activities?

Are we elevating the spirits of our members and honoring, activating and celebrating our beautiful senses of sight, smell, hearing? 


Economics means “taking care of the home.”

In our businesses and personal lives, are we operating so as to take care of our earth home.?

 For those that do not yet see the obious utility of this mission are we praying for them and working to encourage them to go in a health-promoting direction via incentives and laws?  Are we working in pairs and forming neighborhood groups that connect with other same-interest groups?

Can we get a ballot proposal asking our neighbors to vote on specific incentives  and oversight to encourage health-promoting businesses and discourage health-inhibiting businesses?